Little_Brother_pujan_mapchan.PNGAbout the Title

The title Little Brother comes from a group of people who don't have that much power working together. In Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow, the main character is Marcus, who is 17 years old. In Little Brother, the DHS is trying to take people's privacy. Marcus is against what the DHS is doing. Marcus wanted to fight with them, so people can have their own privacy and he asks his friends and strangers on the X net to help him. Marcus is risking his life to get more freedom and get his friend out of jail.

In George Orwell's book 1984, it's about the state controlling individuals. The main character, Winston Smith, is taken over by the government. He comes to love Big Brother and wants people to obey them by controlling them. One thing that is different is that in Little Brother, the government didn't succeed to take over. The judge thinks Marcus is fighting for his rights, so the judge stood up for him. However, Winston's life is totally controlled by the state.

In 1984, George Orwell worried about the government controlling people and he thought that he would write a book about the future year 1984 and show his fears. In 2008, Cory Doctorow wrote Little Brother because he want people in the US to recognize their freedoms like free speech. The writer wants people to choose their government and thinks that the government should work for them. He was also afraid that the DHS was using torture like waterboarding to get information. If the state is looking for terrorists, it can sacrifice freedom for security. After 9/11, people in the USA got really scared about terrorists and the government used torture to get information. When is it ok to use torure? What privacy will we give up to be "safe?" What privacy will we give up to use technology like facebook, IM, twitter, etc? These are the questions people need to think before put the information in the computer.