Marcus and jolu create a web of trust with their where they exchange keys. Jolu said he was going to be one of those people who acts like if will all go to normal some day. He will have internet like he always did ,and olny use the xnet to play games.


Connection to the world

"You and your partner need to share a secret or two, some keys that you can use to encrypt and decrypt your messages so that men-in-the-middle get locked out."
This quote connects to the world because there are people who don't trust others. Also this technology could be used for a lot of people who don't trust the police they can say private things with this technology. They can communicate with others they really trust.

Technology in chapter 10

Encryption: encryption technology is a way to hide information. Encrypting help hide some things that you don't want others to know. also, encrypting could hurt others because the DHS can't find the people who they think are terrorists.


In this chapter is Marchus a hero or a criminal? Why?
In this chapter Marcus is a hero because he fights for his and people's rights for freedom country. For example: Marcus want to fight on the DHS because the DHS treats him so badly and DHS take his friend Darryl, but they say that they don't know about him. Then he created a secret web not people he trusted. He created this Xnet because to fight for DHS and get freedom.