In chapter 11 Marcus had a party at the Suthro Baths. At this party all the people who Marcus trusted were invited. The main point of this party was to create new keys so the DHS can't see what they are talking about on the Xnet. Marcus told his friends how the DHS had tortured him and his friends, and that's why Marcus wants to get revenge.

Marcus destroyed his laptop to show his friends that they can trust him and he threw his laptop into the sea. Marcus and his friends start taking pictures with their keys. Also at the party Marcus meet Ange.


Connection to self

Marcus say" If we were on the wrong side, this could get all of us -- all of you -- into a heap of trouble. Jail, maybe".(Page 55)

When happen in the book, this text connection was like Marcus feel nervous about he fighting the DHS. Also, similar me , I would be scared of the police and the government.

Technology in Chapter 11

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*Private key and public key. It helps to have

more privacy because you can send

encrypted messages.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmXI1ncEqTXTFIeuVydpnnbOwWrQLixsSPI-9dKzZboqRDC9gu *Xnet. It is used for playing video games.

It help people connect to each other securely.

Question in Chapter 11

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What happens if someone at the party uses someone else's key?

What is everyone doing with marcus at the Sutro Baths?

Marcus was a criminal because in this chapter he was doing some ilegal things, for example he is going to fight with his own goberment. Another reason that Marcus is a criminal for example they create a party when they can due
he wanted to protest and hr tell everyone about DHS that they are a bad goverment so the DHS get mad with him.