Summary :



As you know that Marcus is the person who know how to use the computer, but he's using it in the wrong way. He also knows about how to use the X net. So now he's using it to let the people around him to be in trouble with the government and the police. So he's working as a terrorist. Finally, he's just watching that the people are getting caugh by the DHS.

In this chapter the DHS were watching Marcus. They put a bug in his laptop when he was not in his room. After he came back he saw something different in his laptop. He is so smart. He saw the bug, but he didn't take it out from the keyboard. He wanted to show the DHS that he doesn't use the X net to get people in trouble with the government. Finally, they were watching him all the time, but they don’t find anything with him.


Connection to my life

Marcus said "That was amazing".
I said. "I never knew all that stuff
about the sixties".
This is related to my life because I have
learned few days ago about the sixties
in history class and I learned amazing
and important things.

Similarities between 1970's and today

There are some similarities between the protest of the hippies in the 70's and Dolores Park protest. First the hippies protested peacefully against the government. In Dolores park the people also protested peacefully against the DHS. Second in the 70's when the hippies were protesting the police arrested them.In the park the police arrested the people who were protesting too. Finally the hippies were young and believed in freedom. The people on the park were young and believed in freedom as well.

Questions From Chapter 12 :

Why does Marcus is using the X net to hurt people around him?
What does he want to do with the DHS if they catch him?
What could happened to Marcus if the DHS saw him at the concert?