By the middle of the book, Marcus had taken so much for revenge and was continuing to hurt the DHS. Now Marcus is suspended from his school. Dad gets mad at Marcus. Dad says "you're going to have to learn to live with the fact that we live in a different word today.

Then, Marcus went to meet Ange and also met van. He felt embarrassed to be with another girl. However,even though Van and Ange go to same school they were not friends. Ange Doubted if Marcus had curse on Van. He tried to explain the truth but he looked like he was lying.Marcus and Ange went to Ange's house. They looked at X-net blog. There they saw all kind of great suggestion for Abuse of Authority. In hundreds of little and big ones, Picture and audio.m1k3y got lots of interview requests about his group, but he didn't want to talk to them. But Ange come up with the press-conference idea.

Question from chapter 14: Why does Marcus not want to talk to the International interviewer?


Connection to World:

At Ange's house we looked at all the X net blogs, looking for more accounts of the DHS searching people, tackling people, invading them.
This quote is connected to the world because most of the people who use the X net want to show us the DHS does not make us safe. A lot of times teenager use X net to plan with different people. In real world teenager sometimes plan dangerous ideas and sometimes they hurt innocent people.

Technology in Chapter:

The x net is like a chat room where every body can chat and also play a game with different people round the world .So, the government can't see what are you talking about.