• Marcus got letter from Zeb.Zeb was in prison with Marcus beat friend Darryl,and also Zeb know Marcus since the bay bridge blown up.

  • Marcus mom went to his bed room. He is looking his letters she ask him is that your girlfriend letter. His face doesn't looks happy.She ask him again are you okay. He told to his mom the D H S is searching him.After the bay bridge blown up, after that he told to her bout every thing.


Connection to ___

When you share your problems with your families it will be easy to solve your problem
I think this chapter is connect to the homeless bird because koly got boyfriend and she also share her ideas with him

Technology in Chapter

  • Xnet: is web which help to carried hundreds of reports and multimedia file from young people who attended the riot and allege that they were gathered peacefully until the police attacked.
  • video game:ti is a technology to play the game by wireless network.