At the beginning of chapter 16, Marcus tells his mom everything that the DHS did to him. His mom is
surprised by what Marcus tells her. After telling his mom, Marcus' dad gets home and Marcus also
tells him about the DHS, and even showed the note that Zeb gave to Marcus secretly.

Marcus' parents took him to talk to Darryl's dad. Marcus told him Darryl was alive, was a prisoner in
Treasure Island. Then, Marcus went to Barbara and told her the whole story. Barbara is a reporter,
so Marcus told her the story, so she could publish it in the newspaper. This way everyone could know
about the bad things the DHS was doing.

By- Roji Subba


Connection to text

"what I tell you, you can't be forced to tell anyone else, right?"
In this text you always have to do good for others and yourself. If other people is in trouble, we feel bad about it and want to say all the truth that you know. But remember, that person never want to hurt other, they want to be hurt by not to them. And they promise to not let them to forced to tell anyone else."

Technology in Chapter 16

Xnet : It is a network that helps people to connect with one another. This Xnet helps Marcus get Darryl out from jail and at the same time, it shows that the DHS is guilty of hurting regular people.

question from this chapter:

Why does Marcus tell everything to Barbara?
Because he want Barbara to help Darry1 and show how bad the DHS really was.

Is Marcus a hero or a criminal? Why?:

In this chapter, Marcus is a hero for many reasons. First, he told his parents about what happened and solved his problems together. Then he told Darry1's father about Darry1 to make him feel better because he thought Darry1 was dead. Last, Marcus told the truth to Barbara to help Darry1 and show how bad the DHS really was. These examples show us that Marcus is a hero in this chapter.