in the chapter 17 Marcus finished teaching Barbara about x net Marcus told her about the DHS and all the story. Marcus and Ange telling Barbara about the x net. Marcus think will happen that he will be under the command. Marcus and his parents are going to see Darryl's father, then they are going to Barbara he is M1CK3Y.

Marcus thinks after the story is publish the DHS will figure out that he is involved with the xnet. He think they will connect him to M1CK3Y. Masha sent a Email to Marcus, this girl working in the case of Marcus and said to

i am infiltrate in the x net in the lunch she sais you may are wondered from where i am from she said that she signed up to fight terrorists she wanna help to Marcus because she don't want to stay more time in the DHS like spy so she would help him.To make Marcus believes her, she gave a lot of information to Marcus. Marcus and Ange are going to scap with Masha. Marcuse and Darryl, they were hahging out by the trees. Charles came from the woods and tackled Marcus, throwing him to the ground so hard that he would not breathe for a moment after all that happened thay were no longe friends. The plan is called vampmob Tomorrow.


Connection to ___

Ange grabbed me and hugged me i know all it is terrible. but you are focusing on the bad stuff and ignoring the good stuff.
sometimes we only take the bad thing and the good thing we ignored its bad because so many times we do that.

Technology in Chapter in this chapter they use the xnet is network where the friends of marcus talk to him and the DHS can't see what they are taking about.__

What does Marcus think will happened to him after the story is published?