Marcus went to the scout camps out of town with other friends. Charles's parents sent him to the camp wit them. Darryl and Marcus were hanging out in the woods and Charles bugged Marcus and scared him. Marcus felt something wrong. Marcus and their friends made the trick was to put the press and they ready to say what the police did the way in 1969 in Chicago. Marcus met Ange at her place. They spread the word in Xnet and sent it in the email to trusted friends. Marcus shared some ideas with Masha by chanting. Marcus took Ange to show his mom, Lillian. Marcus come up with plan to help him escape. The plan called "VAMPMOB".


Connection to a Text ___

"We came to America in the 16th century and had our own royal family" pg. 291

This is related to a book that I read in which a man had to invent many stories to convince people of their plans. In the end of the book everyone discovered that he invented those stories like the people discovered in the book.

Technology in Chapter IM BUDDY LIST XNET __

It's a list of your friends in which you can send e-mails and talk to each other online. In the book for example, Marcus and Ange used it to organize the VAMPMOB. They sent a lot of e-mail in a short time, so they could execute their plan.

Question from this Chapter:

What if the VAMPMOB failed, how would Marcus and Ange escape?

Why does Masha want to help Marcus?

In this chapter, Marcus is a hero because Charles was so mean to others during

the game when they were kids, that is why Marcus took his clothes when Charles

was taking a shower. In the present, Marcus creates a game which is VAMPMOB to

have fun with the people who are using xnet and to create a have distraction while

he escapes the DHS.