In this chapter Marcus is a criminal because he started vampmob where kids dressed up like vampires and say "bite bite bite bite bite" so he could get out of San Francisco. All of these kids trusted him and thought it was a game, but were hurt by the police and DHS when then came out. Also he saw Charles who recorded vampire. A girl named Masha helped him escape.He doesn't trust her.Barbara's newspaper article about Marcus and the DHS prison come out.Van likes Marcus and he tells her to give Masha's phone to the reporter.

Quote p, 97

Connection to the world.

On page 97, of chapter 19, Marcus tell his friends " Endgame: when the cops order us to disperse, Pretend you been gassed. Pass it on. What did i just say."
This connects to the world because a lot of people get scared of the police and something that are not correct they pretend another things to get away from the police. Similarly,they don't want to caught so they pretend to be gassed.

Technology in Chapter 19.

Cell Phone: Cellphone is an object that is able to take videos and photos and it is very useful to people.This is helpful in chapter 19 because Masha has a picture with Marcus, Darryl, Van, and Jolus.If Marcus gets this photo then he can demonstrate that Darry was with them before a few minutes before DHS took them in custody.

Questions from the chapter 19.

1: How can the picture be used to help Darryl?