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Darryl was in jail with Zeb who gave a letter to Marcus. He tells his parents, Darryl's dad, and a reports Babara tells him that he's Mikey. Marcus get an from Masha. She works for the DHS as a spy.She want to fight back and escape. Marcus is skeptical, but he's also scared.

Marcus and Ange invite everyone to vampmob as a distraction for their escape. To play the game, they say <<Bite>> 5 times to destroy the other vamps. The end of the game is when cops say << Disperse>>and you pretend you've been pepper sprayed to confuse the cops. Masha is the girl who took the picture of Marcus and his friend when they Played. They see charles who recorded Marcus starting Vampmob. Masha helps Marcus escape. He doesn't trust her. He takes her phone with pictrue of himself. Darryl, Van, and Jolu to show that they were together when they were arrested. Finally, they tortured Marcus by water boarding, but he's not die just suffering.



Connection to the world__

" Thousands of our friends and neighbors died on that day."
This is related to the world because this sounds similar to what happened on 9/11.

Technology in Chapter 20__

WIFI is wireless internet. The Xnet uses wifi to get to the internet without using wire plugged into the computer and to hide its traffic from the DHS. Also, the wifi is used to hurt people by putting viruses on somebody's wifi internet.

Questions for Chapter 20

What will happen to the people that tortured Marcus and the other prisoners?
Why did they play Vampmob? How can it help Marcus escape the DHS?