In chapter 21 Barbara found Marcus at a room where the DHS used to torture the prisoners.Over all Marcus still under arrest.The Governor threw the DHS out of the state. The DHS jailers are supposed to go to jail because at what Marcus did.Marcus found Ange. The DHS drugged Ange when she wouldn't stop screaming for a lawyer.Marcus also found Darryl.

Marcus and people who were with him need to go to court.A lawyer from the ACLU helps Marcus.When Marcus's problem were dude, he was made a video that shows how the DHS torture him.



On page 352 Ange say to Marcus"They drugged me"she said"when I wouldn't stop screaming for a lawyer"
This is like the world because in many jails around the world there are a lot of people who are innocent who are there just because,the police can't do their jobs,so they capture innocent people.The real criminals in the jail and innocent people have to be tortured to say if they are criminals.

Technology in Chapter 21

Waterboarding:Is a kind of torture bed where your feet go up and your head goes down,so the water from the torture goes into your nose and gets stuck into your throat.


I want to know why the department of the D.H.S don't make the person who torture Ange and Darryl go to jail?.

There are many reasons why Marcus is a hero. First, Marcus is a hero in chapter 21
because he was fighting for his rights. Second, he wants to help his best friend, Darryl.
Also, he wants to help Ange. Moreover, he wants to help the victims of DHS. Specifically,
the DHS question a lot of people and Marcus the DHS to stop.