Summary of Chapter 2

Darryl and Marcus are together talking about the microwave and aphids. They really the need to destroy the aphids in Darryl's book so, they cut class. They put the book in the microwave and destroy the aphid after that, they see Charles walking in the street.
Then Marcus uses a bonnet to send thousands of messages to Charles's phone. Later they meet their friends Van and Jolu, after they go to the park to meet Van and Jolu they find girl who take a picture of Marcus with his friends. Finally they

They left play Harajuku Fun Madness. They meet with Van and Jolu, there is an explosion on the bay bridge and Darryl got hurt in the panic. I also have seemingly harmless actions and gotten others in trouble. Once brought my friends to McDonald's. At that time I felt I was bad and made my friends trouble. I went back class and apologized to the teacher.

This made me feel like I am bad. One reason I felt bad was because I got my friend into trouble. The second reason I felt bad was I bothered teacher and made them sad.



"Let's move! The rest of the gang is meeting us at the Cable-Cars in twenty minutes!
This is like the world because many people meet other people for example to get new job or for interview someone.

Technology in Chapter 2

PCS. PCS send a lot of messenger to Charles phone.Charles's phone was not equipped to handle this.First, the SMSes filled the memory on his phone,causing it to start choking on the routine operations.PCS is to hurt someone because they send a lot of msg causing the phone to get choking.

How did the people who bombed the bridge get organized, if the country is secure?