Summarizing chap.3 I found that many bad things happened to Marcus and his friends. First of all, they were in a dangerous place. Darryl was bleeding and Vanessa used her first aid on him because nobody else helped them. A few minutes later, Marcus was waving his hat on the street to stop someone to help them, but instead he and his friends were arrested.

To conclude, the DHS made mistakes blaming Marcus and his friends of terrorist. When Marcus was arrested the cops treated him and his friends so bad. The DHS hit them. The cops brought Marcus and his friends to a weird place. Further, Marcus wanted to know if he was under arrest, but the cops just asked questions to him but never answered what he was asking. However, Marcus knows his rights and he didn't want to let them know all his privates things. At the end, the cops didn't obey Marcus because they thought he is a terrorist from Al Qaeda and that is why they want to force Marcus to do what they want.

In chapter 3 Marcus was a hero because after the bay bridge exploded, Marcus dialed 911. Marcus get out from the place
and he try to go home.Daryl get hurt and Marcus lost him .Then Marcus and his friends arrested and taken away by the DHS.

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Question in Chapter

Why did the cops arrest Marcus and his friends?