In chapter 6, Many things happened to Marcus. First, Marcus gets his debit card refused, because the government used cards to spy on people. And Marcus meet a man, they talk about this, when Marcus left the store, and Marcus felt he and the Turkish coffee man were on the same team against the government.

Next, Marcus goes back to school and sees a camera in his classroom. The Government put a camera there to keep the children safe. The camera is an example of how government takes away freedom from it citizen. Marcus need to do something for this. so he takes a new name, " MIk3y".

I think in this chapter Marcus is a hero because he was very smart which meant he could fight against the government. Also, he wrote a lot of code which helped him get revenge on the DHS. On the other hand, the DHS couldn't spy on him for long time. He discussed with his teacher about camera which were put in Marcus' class. He helped other innocent citizens not to be in troubles. He was trying to protect his friends and other people with the xnet. Lastly, Marcus thinks that it was right to fight against the government because they were giving torture to innocent citizen.


Connection to ___

"I burned twenty ParaniodXbox discs the night before and I had them all in my bag.
ParaniodXbox is a computer game which Marcus used to send out his messages through.Which is kind of like how the games now a days are used to brainwash kids.


What is the most important problem in Marcus life?
What started the fight with DHS and the terrorist in the first place?