The Xnet is the network of Paranoid xboxes that can communicate secretly. Marcus give out paranoid xbox CDs so people will use the xnet. Marcus take new name M1K3Y. DHS was watching Marcus and spying on the people too. Police want to ask a few routine question to Marcus in front of his mom. Booger, Zit and Marcus go to Marcus home.

Mom gets angry think that Marcus is a terrorist, saw Marcus with police.The Police said, that your son is not terrorist. Marcus wants to e-mail Van and Jolu to tell them about the hassles but he thinks he might have a problem with to much encryotion on the xnet. Van said, that if you don't encrypt you'll make it easy for the bad guys to wire tap. Marcus wants to stop them (DHS). Jolu and Van don't want to be involved in this matter.



" We been watching you since you left the BART. Your fast Pass says that you've been riding to a lot of strange places a lot of funny hours".
This is similar to the world because a lot of government do this kind of things to a lot of people just to see what they are pretender to do it.

Technology in Chapter 7

APHID: Aphid means radio frequency id, information that can be read or writing using radio waves. This technology was used it in chapter 7 to hurt people because the government were follow to Marcus to any where he want.

Questions in Chapter 7

What is "micro-miniaturized"?