One night dad got home very late because Marcus and the x netter were "Jamming" people's fasttraks. But the DHS will bring more people to San Francisco. Dad says it is good. but Marcus says no because it's an "invasion of my privacy".

But somebody from the DHS was using the xnet to get at them. The xnet was compromised by the DHS. Marcus said, "we had spies in owr midst". Marcus will exchange keys with his friends in a web of trust. They will have a party to get every body to exchange their keys.


Connection to world___

"Because it's an invasion of my privacy"
This connect to the world sometime the police want to invasion our life because they think we are criminal.

Technology in Chapter 9_

Arphid: It is for information of people like clipper card. It used to help people for when they cross the bridge they have to use fast track is private.


Why does Marcus change people's Fast Track information?

Marcus stealing people Fast track becuse he think for fun the D H S doesn't like the things, that he doing to paly with the goverment. I think in this Chapter he is bad boy becuase he is geting people information to played with the goverment.