The Internet and the Power of Protest

Marcus uses the XNet to avoid the government because the government thought that Marcus and his friends were terrorists, because of the explosion on the bay bridge. Marcus was there to play a game, and the DHS took Marcus and his friends to the prison.

First, Marcus gets his Xbox to connect to his neighbors wireless internet. He did that because he didn't want the DHS to know about what is he going to do next. Also the DHS put cameras everywhere to keep eye on Marcus and also to catch bad people. For example drug dalliers or people who are cheating on their families caught by DHS security. Then Marcus creates XNet Cd's and hands them to his classmates, and Marcus tells them it has fun free games, you can also communicate with your friends for private. After that he starts telling people to fight against the DHS, because they are bad they don' t want us to have freedom. We want freedom, so we should fight. Marcus wins the fight in the end.

In the read world in real life people used the internet to fight against their governments using sites like Facebook. People convice eachother to fight against the government, and they protested and they won what they wanted. Thos happens in real world. My opinion is that if you want your freedom or rights you should get the support or use a site like to find people who think like you. Technology has helped many people win their fights.