The Xnet

There are many benefits and drawbacks to use the Xnet. The Xnet is a computer network were people can have private chats. In the the book, Little brother , Marcus uses the Xnet because he believes in the right to privacy. In the book Marcus is fighting the Department of Homeland Security. by using Xnet. He chats with people and it only shows the encrypted messages so the DHS can't read or understand them. Marcus convinced other people to use the Xnet and by spreading his knowledge and hope, so they can fight together.

There are many reasons why Marcuse created the Xnet. First, Marcus sacrificed to fight with the DHS for what he believes in about privacy and freedom. Second, he used the Xnet to fight but tried to keep his real identity a secret so he could stay safe. Next, he used the Xnet because DHS was taking control of the whole city and Marcus believes that it is not right. Also, he uses the Xnet to protect people from getting arrested and tortured. This story is about struggling for freedom and change. One person can make a big change if that person doesn't give up and keeps fighting.Many people think one person can not change any thing but they are wrong. One person does not mean they can't change anything because they are young. They are torn between a world of hate and world if dreams. So much to fight for, so much to change. One person can change the whole world, believe me and trust in your self. You can do it.

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