Praise for Little Brother

"I feel so proud and happy because the ending was fabulous. The thing that I liked about this book was how this book teaches us about changing our world by one person and technology." -Sharchana, from Nepal

"I really liked how they talk about technology in the book. I didn't know anything about it and I was glad that I learned something new. In short, I loved the whole book. It was about love, friendship, and technology. The book was awesome! I want to read it again!" -Jhony, from Guatemala

"That was awesome!" -Zainab, from Iraq

"I feel sad because I want to read more." -Deena, from Thailand

"After I finished the book, I felt happy because now I don't have homework to do." -Dat, from Vietnam

"That was a good and amazing book. After I read it, I feel that privacy is important." -Yuki, from China

"The book was amazing. I never seen a book that showed real technology even with a fake story. The best book ever." -Rodrigo, from Brazil

"I would like teens to read this book because it might teach them how it hurts to fight with the government." -Asmait, from Eritrea

"Little Brother is one of my favorite books. The best part was that Marcus is only 17 years old. But he knows a lot about technology. Marcus, you are so genius! You are the one who changed the world." -Roji, from Nepal

"You can feel that those anecdotes keep your heart bumping and bumping. Like riding a roller coaster which drives you nervous, excited, screaming, and finally want to have a second try. I mean, the homeboy has a big heart." -J.J. Lane, from China

"The book Little Brother is scary, realistic, and futuristic." -Raj, from Nepal

"It was hella interesting how Marcus, the main character, fights with the DHS and how the DHS tortures Marcus and his friends." -Jessica, from Mexic

"Reading a "Little brother" has changed the way i view world and responsibilities I have as a young adult, The main character Marcus in the book, gives message to all the young adult to fight back for their right. My favorite part of this book is they teaches us about lots of technology and at the same time it is romantic and sad." -Pranita, from Nepal

"I feel happy to read this great book. I like everything about the book, the drama, the setting, the characters, everything." -Dayana, from Mexico

"I love the book because Marcus taught us something important. I think no matter what happens your friends are there for you and you have to help them no matter what, too." -Perla, from El Salvador

''Using just the constitution of the United States and technology he was able to save not only his friend Darryl but the whole of San Francisco!'' - Omar, from Mexico

"Now that we finished Little Brother I feel a little sad because it was exciting to know how the book will end and now I know how the book ended." - Gladis, from Guatemala

"I feel so proud of how we read Little Brother and finished it together. In this book, the thing I like most is how smart Marcus is. He got into a lot of trouble but he knows how to solve his problems; he wasn't stupid. In contrast, one thing I don't like about this book is the ending. The author should not tell us what happened at the end; they should leave something for readers to think about. That would be better, in my opinion." - Phoung, from Vietnam

"Now that I'm done reading Little Brother, I feel proud of myself because I read a really big book and I never thought I could do that. Also I feel proud of myself because while we were reading this book I learned a lot of new vocabulary words that helped me improve my English. There were a lot of things that I liked in this book, for example, I liked learning how a boy my age can do a lot of things and how he gets rights for himself and his friends." - Julieta Flores, from Mexico

"After I was done reading Little Brother, I felt wonderful and great!" - Anju, from Nepal